Cracow lies in the southern part of Poland on the Vistula River, with a population of 760.000. It is considered Poland´s ‘cultural capital’ where the tradition of the former Polish capital of the Middle Ages and Renaissance interlaces with the modern image of Cracow as a University town and an industrial centre. 
Thanks to the extraordinary accumulation of cultural wealth, the city was registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Only a few European cities have such a distinct medieval architectural layout as Krakow. The old city (Stare Miasto) has a rich architecture, mostly Renaissance with some examples of Baroque and Gothic. You can visit the 14th century buildings of the Jagiellonian University there.
Cracow is a city full of theatres, museums, culture centres, but also jazz clubs located in the cellars of the Old Town. Moreover, modern Cracow is an educational centre with many universities, international education institutes, and schools

The Institute of Modern Languages

The Institute of Modern Languages is a part of the Pedagogical University of Cracow.  It includes the departments of all major modern European languages (English, French, German, Russian and Spanish). The Institute of Modern Languages educates prospective language teachers, developing their pedagogical and didactic skills, but also their linguistic, cultural and historical knowledge. The Institute participates actively in many European projects, e.g. Socrates-Erasmus Programme

Cracow Pedagogical University
ul. Podchorazych 2
PL - 30 084 Cracow