Calarasi is situated in southeastern Romania, on the left bank of the Borcea River, a main tributary of the Danube. It is the capital of the same named Calarasi ‘judet’ (county). 
Calarasi is a former industrial steel-producing town with a structured centre that was destroyed and then rebuilt under Ceausescu. Today the city has a population of around 74.000 inhabitants. There are numerous important archaeological sites and the ruins of a Roman fort. The Dervent Monastery, situated in Dobrogea, a region of the Balkan Peninsula, situated between the lower Danube River and the Black Sea, on top of the Dervent Hill, is one of the most important archaeological sites dating back to the Neolithic Age.

The School Inspectorate of Calarasi County


The School Inspectorate of Calarasi County is responsible for the implementation of educational measures proposed by the Romanian Ministry of Education, Research and Youth. The inspectors are responsible for teaching, for head teachers, teachers, students, and administrative personnel.
The Inspectorate supports and organises the educational process of the County, coordinates the activities of head teachers and teachers, organises in-service training, and evaluates educational institutions and the educational process. The Inspectorate also strives to develop school autonomy and self-administration, to cooperate with non-governmental organisations, to develop means and instruments and evaluation tools to improve education and to implement new ICT technologies.


School Inspectorate of the County of Calarasi
Strada Sloboziei 28
RO - 910014


Open and Distance Learning Center Calarasi



The Association for Lifelong Learning was created to sustain the activities in the Open and Distance Learning Center Calarasi, part of the Bucharest University. The goal of the Association is to promote lifelong learning in order to foster the development of active citizenship, social cohesion and employment. Its objectives are to establish a network of local centres for professional training in the Open and Distance Learning system and to implement a new culture of education in connection with the new informational society.Its activities include the development of courses for lifelong education, the setting up of local, regional, national partnerships and projects and the implementaiton of new ICT technologies to improve education.
The Association for Lifelong Learning has partricipated in projects of the European Union such as TEWISE ‘Training experimental work in science education for teachers and teacher students’ and ‘Social Entrepreneurship Development’.

Open & Distance Learning Centre, Calarsi
Sfantul Nicolae Str. 37
RO - 910019