Belgrade (Beograd = “White City or Fortress”) is situated at the confluence of the Sava River and the Danube River. It is the capital of Serbia and Montenegro with a population of around 1.6 million and is the national hub of traffic, transport and communication with an important road and railway centre, a river port as well as air traffic and telecommunication centres. 
A walk through Belgrade’s Old Town will reveal beautiful examples of 19th century architecture, neo-classical and neo-renaissance styles, preserved old Turkish houses as well as numerous facades decorated in Art Nouveau. The fortress of Belgrade still retains its ancient Turkish name: Kalemegdan and is a complex of various fortifications that have been built, destroyed and subsequently rebuilt on the same site over the centuries. Many layers of national history can be found here. The present-day archaeological and historical site is surrounded by the beautiful City Park.

The Department of Education of the City Assembly of Belgrade

The Department of Education of the City Assembly of Belgrade is responsible for 279 primary and secondary schools with about 230.000 students. It works together with the Ministry of Education and Sports of the Republic of Serbia and Montenegro to organise seminars and lectures related to recent reforms in the educational system. 
The Department of Education also participates in regional and international cooperation projects focussing on peace education and democracy, multi-cultural education, simplification of the educational system, decentralisation of the decision-making process in education, the professional upgrading of teachers, and evaluation of the education process and the implementation of international standards. The Department’s Secretariat was host to the Fifth Conference of the International Educators’ Club of European Capitals and to a group of 50 Viennese students on the occasion of their visit to Belgrade in the context of projects related to ‘Corridor 7’ and ‘Corridor 10’. 

Department of Education, City Assembly of Belgrade 
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