The EdGATE Vision – The European Regional College

One of the main aims of the EdGATE Project was to develop a new educational concept for a European Regional College (ERC) that will enable European students aged 5/6 – 18/19 to become mobile in a united Europe of tomorrow. The ERC Final Concept has now been completed and is available as a download along with other EdGATE Final Publications:

The European Regional College (ERC) Concept - A New Approach to European Regional Schooling
The main focus of this new type of regional school is to prepare young people for life in a new, enlarged, and mobile Europe: 
in other words supporting the pupils that attend ERCs throughout Europe in their development of European competence.
Unqualified School Leavers (USL) Task Force – Final Report
In order to tackle the challenge of Unqualified School Leavers (USL) in the EdGATE regions an USL Task Force was implemented as a sub-project of EdGATE in 2006 bringing together regional educational institutions and their experts.
Peer Learning Clusters Priority Areas New Models Catalogue
The eight Priority Areas are: Social Inclusion, Gender Mainstreaming, Quality Assurance, Teacher Education, European Dimension in education, Modern Language tuition, Vocational Education, ICT (e-inclusion).
A Comparison of the Timetabling of Subjects in Primary/Lower Secondary and Secondary Schools in Selected Countries
The study involves comparisons of the curriculum time allocated to subjects and subject areas, in terms of taught hours, across the education systems of eight countries for Primary/Lower Secondary and Secondary Schools.


Secondary Goes Europe

A selection of best practice teaching modules for European regional schooling at Secondary Level.