Mobility and Exchange

Description: Everyone is interested in education. Children, parents, grandparents, teachers, school authorities, cities, regions, countries and last but not least – the European Union. Why? Education plays a fundamental role in our lives. What can strengthen a community more than good education? 
There are many aspects to education and in this component eight aspects in particular will be studied in depth – the so called: ‘Priority Areas’: (a) social inclusion (b) gender mainstreaming (c) quality assurance (d) teacher education (e) European dimension in education (f) modern language tuition (g) vocational education (h) ICT (e-inclusion).

Activities: At eight workshops regional educational experts will meet to exchange experience and know-how and develop new educational concepts. 
The motto will be: “learning from another”. Every regional educational expert will have the opportunity to share his/her knowledge and experience and at the same to learn from the others.

Products: A manual of ‘best practice’ and a catalogue of new educational models.